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Touch Point Call Center Services (TPCCS) is a global customer service provider and an expert in the field of customer experience management. Teleservices through Touch Point Call Center Services offers customer support and back-office channels.

Touch Point Call Center Services (TPCCS) prides itself on its commitment to perfection, innovation, and powerful team spirit. And it aims to continue to collaborate with clients and strive to deliver unparallel support. It also provides value-added solutions that help the client's company grow faster.


Our mission is to not only build but to foster lifetime client relationships by delivering 100% customer satisfaction and create a working environment that empowers our agents and management team to passionately represent our client’s brands and develop remarkable solutions using our expertise and consistent action to deliver a satisfactory result.


To maximize productivity while maintaining quality in our service, be engaged in sustainable practice, and anticipate the needs of our customers to be able to build a legacy of excellence in one call at a time.



We have a positive attitude towards new challenges and changes.


We are loyal to our customers, company, and employees.


We comply with all obligations.


We are open to innovations.


We adhere to the highest professional criteria and consistently improve our qualifications.


We are continually improving ourselves in order to increase the capabilities of our services and use our working time even more effectively.


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